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Why KidzDiary ?

Whether you are new to KIDZDIARY or considering moving, KIDZDIARY can make a difference to your school. For many schools KIDZDIARY can be the difference between a 'good' and 'outstanding' Ofsted rating. We also support over 100 independent schools worldwide.

Driving improved teaching and learning

We understand the quality of teaching and achievement of your students will always be your top priority. With KIDZDIARY, you can be sure that every student’s progress is tracked, helping you understand every child’s needs and raise attainment across your school.

The insight for senior leaders

School leaders and governors should know what’s working in a school and what isn’t – KIDZDIARY gives you an overview of everything that’s happening in your school, so you can provide the evidence you need and communicate effectively with your staff. With real-time data, you can also track the impact of the strategies you put in place.

You need the information and the tools to make decisions about the issues that matter. That’s how KidzDiary can help.

Enhancing parental engagement

When it comes to raising attainment, it’s important that parents are involved in their child’s school life. KIDZDIARY gives parents easy online and remote access to daily attendance and attainment records. With their finger on the pulse, parents are more engaged and their children are too.

Improving efficiency

With endless demands placed on your staff, time and resources are precious. KIDZDIARY helps your staff achieve even more, by lightening their workloads, whether it’s efficiently managing your finances or simplifying your admin.

Whether you want to get more out of KIDZDIARY, or you are considering moving from an admin-focused Management Information System to a school improvement system like ours, we are here to support you along the way.

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